Top 5 Mercedes Showrooms in India

Cars are no longer a luxury for people in India but have become a necessity. Still, some brands are known as the epitome of luxury, and Mercedes is one of them. Owning a Mercedes is a dream for many because of its extravagant built quality, style, color finish, and design. This car manufacturing company has the flagship to manufacture cars that fall in luxury grade. Mercedes is a German automobile company with 35 outlets ranging in different locations across India.

You might also be looking to buy a Mercedes car. That’s why you have landed on this write-up. We understand it can be tough to pick a place to purchase the car because the service quality and facilities might vary from one location to another. You cannot visit the 35 outlets to choose the best luxury car showroom in India. Imagine how easy it will be for you if you get a detailed list of the top showrooms to buy a Mercedes.
Yes, we have lined up a list of India’s top 5 Mercedes showrooms for you. Keep reading to get a better insight into these locations.

1. IJM Panjab Motors Private Limited

IJM Panjab Motors Private Limited
Contact info

+91 73071 73071

+91 73071 73071

+91 172 4290000


C -19, Phase-1, Industrial Area Landmark – Near Verka Chowk, Mohali, Punjab-160055

The private company Ijm Panjab Motors was established on October 18, 2019. The firm is personal, and its registration may be found in the Registrar of Companies in Chandigarh. It has a total of Rs. 50,000,000 in both authorized and paid-in capital. Fueling stations are a part of this as well, as they sell gasoline to the public. IJM Panjab Motors is a certified Mercedes-Benz Franchise Partner.

Located in Mohali, Punjab, and Panjab, the center provides its customers with all three services. In addition to selling pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles, they can help you get a loan or update your auto insurance. They are one of the largest showrooms in Northern India, with 11 cars on display and an entire service department and garage. The IJM group, of which Panjab Motors is a member, has significant roots in the car industry and the real estate market in Punjab. Every time you come to see us, know that you will receive our best effort and service because of how much you mean to us as clients.

2. Silver Arrow Automobiles

Silver Arrow Automobiles
Contact info

+91 99992 00500

+91 97182 00500


Delhi (Showroom):

50B Diplomatic Enclave Chanakyapuri,New Delhi -110021, India.

Noida (Showroom & Workshop):

D7, Sector 8, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ghaziabad (Workshop & Bodyshop):

Plot No 64, Site IV, UPSIDC Industrial area Sahibabad, Near Vaishali Metro Station, Ghaziabad – 201010, India

Silver Arrow Automobiles Private Limited was incorporated as a Private on April 16, 2012. The firm is not affiliated with any government and may be found on the books of the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. There are 40,000,000 authorized shares, while only 10,000,000,000 are actually in circulation. Cleaning, polishing, and repairing automobiles are all a part of this.

The firm reportedly became the top Mercedes showroom to provide the exclusive range of Mercedes. Moreover, they have swift payment and selling methods of Mercedes offering the best cars to the people around. Over the previous decade, Silver Arrows has sold over 9000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles and serviced over 91000. We are proud to say that Silver Arrows is the only automotive shop to get the Great Place to Work certification. Over 45 accolades from Mercedes-Benz and other industries have been bestowed upon Silver Arrows.

3. T&T Motors

T&T Motors
Contact info

+91 99997 52369

+91 99997 52369

011 4005 8300


T&T Motors Flagship Showroom:

GA-2,Block B-1, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044

T&T Motors is in a prime position to meet the needs of its customers in Sales and Service since it has a monopoly on retail sales in these areas. A team needs access to state-of-the-art facilities to outperform the competition and wow its customers. They are franchise partners for new cars like Mercedes and made their reputation as a top Mercedes showroom and dealer in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Odisha.

One of the oldest and largest Mercedes-Benz India partners, T&T Motors has five showrooms and eight service locations serving a combined 20,000+ clients in the National Capital Region (NCR), Rajasthan, and Odisha. It cost Rs 70 crore to build the shop on Mathura Road. A customer lounge, appropriately named Café-Mercedes, and space for 26 automobiles are on exhibit. There will be a unique floor for the AMG line of performance automobiles.

4. BU Bhandari

BU Bhandari
Contact info

+91 90119 55555

+91 20 67212121


101, Baner, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, Pune – 411045

In 1969, B U Bhandari was founded. In those fifty years, they’ve built a loyal client base of more than 100,000 people by providing them with the finest automotive possibilities. Every customer who pulls into B U Bhandari’s lot will leave happy, thanks to the dedicated staff and cutting-edge technology.

Whether before or after a sale, during the duration of a warranty, or decades beyond, for simple maintenance or complex accident repairs, B U Bhandari is synonymous with quality, dependability, and efficiency. Customers have learned to rely on the B U Bhandari brand because of the exceptional quality of service and expertise they receive. They are another pioneer showroom in Uttarakhand to offer Mercedes the best possible pricing.

B U Bhandari has made customer service a top priority from the beginning, carrying on a family tradition that has been respected and carefully maintained for many years. Because of this dedication, B U Bhandari has earned a strong reputation in the industry and among our clientele.

The expert staff at B U Bhandari Motors Pvt ltd., which has been at your service for the past 11 years, consists of more than 60 employees, and the company’s 3S facility is among the best in the world.

5. Shaman Wheels

Shaman Wheels
Contact info

+91 99209 29999

022 2422 8787


Metro Estate,178 CST Road,Kalina, Santacruz(East),Mumbai – 400098

Located in Badlapur, Maharashtra, Shaman Wheels Private Limited is a legitimate Mercedes-Benz dealership showroom. This Mercedes-Benz showroom in Badlapur is convenient if you live in or around Badlapur and are interested in purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. For your convenience, we’ve provided the following information for Shaman Wheels Private Limited: showroom location, dealer phone number, distributor cell number, outlet fax number, retailer email id, etc.

Now that a Mercedes-Benz showroom has opened in the middle of Badlapur, residents of the city can stop stressing over where to buy a car. The selection of Mercedes-Benz automobiles and Mercedes-Benz automobile accessories is extensive at this dealership. This Mercedes-Benz display area usually is open every day from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. By scanning the QR Code or storing the VCard; you may get in touch with Shaman Wheels Private Limited. Follow these directions to Shaman Wheels Private Limited in Badlapur for a tryout or to make a purchase. Before stopping by, you should give this Mercedes Benz Showroom a ring.

Benefits of Buying Mercedes From the Showrooms

Obtain Your Desired Outcome

This is the primary draw of visiting a Mercedes-Benz showroom if you are in the market for a brand-new vehicle. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you find it. You may specify the make, the color, the engine, and other features you might like.

Okay, so you’re considering purchasing a brand-new C-class with customization. Then you may customize the car to your liking by picking the paint job, the wheels (size and color), and the logo. As for the inside, you may customize it with your choice of wood steering wheel inserts, interior color, and sound system. Finally, you may customize your vehicle to your specifications by selecting from various technology bundles, such as parking aid, Pre-Safe braking assistance, and Lane Change aid. Your new automobile will be built to your exact specifications.

Support and Guarantees

In other words, this is a significant development. Whatever may happen to your vehicle, if the showroom has the manufacturer’s backing, you won’t be out of pocket. It’s possible to handle software upgrades, recalls, repairs, and even accidents.

Your brand-new vehicle has a guarantee that protects you from mechanical failures for several kilometers or years (4 years or 50,000 miles). This implies that free repairs or maintenance will be provided if something breaks. Your guarantee will remain in effect, provided that you do all required maintenance per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Mercedes-Benz showrooms often provide better prices on maintenance plans. To save money on yearly servicing. Maintaining your vehicle might help you save time and money in the long run.

Secure Adequate Funding

There are benefits to getting auto finance via the showroom, whether you’re buying new or used. Banks can provide better prices through dealerships because of the sheer volume of transactions they do every day. Certified pre-owned vehicles also have the advantage of being eligible for financing terms similar to, or even better than, those offered for brand-new cars.

Low-Gasoline Consumption

You can rest assured that your new Mercedes-Benz will have the most cutting-edge technology available regarding fuel economy, speed, and safety features. Every Mercedes-Benz model within the showroom is safer than what is required by law. In truth, Mercedes-Benz has been in the vanguard of creating autonomous technology for safety. With its innovative active and passive safety measures, Mercedes-Benz automobiles are often considered the safest on the road.

Protection and energy-saving features

You may take advantage of the most recent advancements in fuel economy and safety technology by purchasing a Mercedes-Benz from an authorized showroom. The German carmaker is at the forefront of autonomous technology for improving driver safety, so it’s no surprise that all Mercedes-Benz vehicles meet or exceed federal safety standards. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are well-known for their high level of protection due to their advanced features and technology.

Things to Consider When Buying Mercedes Benz


The cost of a Mercedes-Benz can vary widely depending on the year and trim level chosen. Think about whether or not you can afford to make the monthly installments before you make such a large purchase. Only partially draining your savings if you plan to pay cash for your automobile. You’ll need money left over to handle your regular monthly payments and other obligations. If you want to know if you can afford it, you should take a good, hard look at your money.


Consider your needs and wants carefully before settling on a specific make and model. Do you long to go along a main street with the top down, or does cutting-edge technology hold more incredible allure? Benz has a variety of body styles and interior options to suit your needs. It would help if you also thought about how often you’ll be using the vehicle and how much it will cost to fill the tank up regularly while making your decision. Spend time on the Mercedes-official Benz website learning about the various models and deciding which is best for your requirements.

Health Insurance Premiums

The cost of insurance is something else to consider when purchasing a Mercedes-Benz. Luxury vehicle insurance premiums might be shocking to those who have never purchased coverage for a high-value vehicle before. You may acquire a rough idea of costs online before making a final decision. Check if you can afford a single annual payment for insurance to determine if it is more manageable financially. Not adding additional drivers to your coverage and finding strategies to reduce your yearly miles might reduce your premiums.

Support and Maintenance

No matter whatever Mercedes model you’re interested in, you should always insist on seeing the vehicle’s full service record before making a purchase. You should also make sure the automobile is still under warranty and safely save the paperwork to verify it. You’ll need these records if you take your automobile in for maintenance or plan on selling it.


It’s important to consider how long you’ll be keeping any specific vehicle before making a purchase. This could assist if you need help settling on a course of action after considering all of the factors listed above. There is a specific quality and level of dependability you should be searching for if you intend to drive an automobile for the next five years. A Mercedes-Benz is a fantastic vehicle, but you should still research to ensure it’s the correct one for you.

Wrapping Up!

Mercedes purchase may be an exciting and uplifting experience. Although owning a luxury vehicle may be a lot of fun, it’s vital to remember that with it comes a greater responsibility for maintaining the car and avoiding expensive repairs. Our best showrooms list will help you find the right place to buy the top Mercedes for yourself.