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Do you need a stage to showcase your talent as a writer?
You are in the right place!

We are now accepting guest posts from contributing writers for a comprehensive range of categories, giving you the opportunity to write what you love. We are advocates of high-quality content and can help your blog reach a larger audience.

Whether you want to write about lifestyles, sports, food, news, or more, we are happy to welcome you as our guest writer. With us, you get to share your expertise in any one of our categories and allow readers to learn and grow from your knowledge.

If you have a knack for writing informative, exciting, and engaging content, write for us and increase your visibility.
All you have to do is to contact us to submit your Guest posts.
email us at hello@wowchandigarh.com.
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Who can write for us?

We have no limitations on who can write for us as long as you write for the categories we provide and follow the general guidelines. We accept guest posts for business, entertainment, health, lifestyle, news, sports, technology, travel, and the food industry.

Are you an expert in one of these areas? Then you could write for Wow Chandigarh, but you must:

  • Engage our readers: The content must be simple and reader-friendly. Use proper headings and spacing for a neat and clean blog that engages readers.
  • Educate our readers: We want our blogs to educate our readers as well as excite and engage them. Your content must lead to a meaningful end.
  • Converse with our readers: Writing in a conversational tone adds a personal touch to the blog and helps the reader relate. Your blog should follow first or second-person references.

Important guidelines on what we accept :

  • We only entertain guest posts with high-quality and 100% original content. Please check the plagiarism score before submitting.
  • The word length for each blog must be around 700 to 1000 words.
  • Please add internal links and images based on the content type and write an SEO-optimized meta description for the blog.
  • The blog must be on business, entertainment, health, lifestyle, news, sports, technology, travel, and the food industry.
  • Kindly submit the guest post either via Google Docs or in Word format/pdf.
  • Make sure the content is crisp with short paragraphs, proper headings, and subheadings, and written in an active voice.
  • Keep the title of the blog within 10 words.
  • You can submit a 2 to 3-line author bio for each blog.

Note: Blogs that are written for the casino, gambling, porn, and adult niche will not be accepted.

Let’s Write!

If you have carefully gone through the above-mentioned guidelines and are ready to write with us for the provided niches, email us at hello@wowchandigarh.com

We will be waiting to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can directly contact us to submit your Guest posts.

You can share the content in .doc, docx & pdf format.

The article will be published 24-48 hours after submission.

Yes, you can edit your article once after submission.

Yes, we will give you only one Do follow link back.

Yes, you can still submit a content if you live outside of India but the content must be in english language