Explore Best Food & Dine in Chandigarh

There’s nothing more captivating than spending an afternoon in one of the best buffets in Chandigarh. The delicious food, the atmosphere, everything in a buffet restaurant in Chandigarh is simply perfect. The craze for buffets among foodies has grown immensely in the past few years. Luckily, for all the food lovers in the Tricity area, there are many amazing family restaurants in Chandigarh for you to try. So are you ready to give in to the buffet culture? If you are, we are going to list down a few of these popular buffets for you. So search away!

Browse through the Best Places to Eat in Chandigarh

Whenever you visit a new city the first thing you look for is good places to eat. The food culture of a state or city defines it. The different types of restaurants, bars, or hotels you find in that city give you an idea of what your experience there will be like.

Luckily for the residents of Chandigarh and people visiting the food culture here is very rich. There is no shortage of eating joints in Chandigarh, whether it’s a café, buffet restaurant, Dhaba, bakery, or hotels the city beautiful has it all.

From big multinational chains like dominos, McDonald’s, and Starbucks to local restaurants like Pal Dhaba, Sagar Ratna, and oven-fresh all give unique recognition to the city through their mouth-watering foods. Some of Chandigarh’s famous food includes the traditional Punjabi cuisine like sarso da saag, aloo parantha with lassi, and desi Chinese food like cheese Chilli, Manchurian, and veg Chowmein.

Along with these several food and dine restaurants there are also some great hotels in the city. Some of the best 5-star hotel chains have their hotels set up in and around the city. The biggest hotels include Taj, J.W. Marriot, the Lalit, Hyatt Regency, and many more. Along with the spectacular living experience that these hotels provide, they also have some great in-house restaurants that are open to everyone who wishes to eat there. These in-house restaurants are some of the finest dine-ins that the city has to offer.

With so many options of food and eateries, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Questions like, what is the best food in Chandigarh? What are the best places for dinner in Chandigarh? or what are some good fine dining restaurants in Chandigarh?? arise in mind.

To help you answer all these questions, above we have listed some of the best food and dine places that this city has to offer. With different segments for each type of restaurant based on cuisines, you can find the perfect place to eat out.

Below we have listed some frequently asked questions that might help you to clear any query that you might have.

Chandigarh has all types of cuisines to offer but the Punjabi cuisine and the Indian Chinese cuisine is the main specialty of the city. Some of the most famous foods of these categories include Amritsari kulcha, dal makhni with garlic naan, Sarso da saag, veg chowmein with Manchurian, and noodle-filled spring rolls.

There are a plethora of eating joints in Chandigarh and it is very hard to choose and list just a few. But some all-rounder restaurants which can give you the perfect flavour of Chandigarh’s food culture are, Pal Dhaba, Garg Chaat House, Pirates of the grill, Chaps-in fast food, and Karthik south Indian restaurant.

To sum up, the mix of such mouth watering flavours that the city has in one restaurant is difficult. But you can go to sector 35 main market, where you will find a good mix of restaurants like oven-fresh, Nik bakers, Sagar Ratna, Gopal’s, dominos, and many more.

This is one of the main questions that people had in mind during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. The restaurants have been operating based on government guidelines. Now all the restaurants are open in full capacity with necessary covid norms and regulations.

There are all the different types of dine-in restaurants available in Chandigarh like buffet restaurants, fast food restaurants, ala-carte restaurants, takeaway restaurants, food stalls, etc.