Computer Market in Chandigarh

  • computer-market-in-chandigarh
  • computer-market-in-chandigarh
  • computer-market-in-chandigarh

Computer is one of the biggest modern-day inventions done by humans. Meant to make our day-to-day life easier computers are a part of people’s everyday life. Whether it’s office work, work from home, or anything, all is done from a computer. Especially after the year 2000, all traditional paperwork like bookkeeping, bill making, book reading, and writing has been replaced by computers.

It is a necessity to have a computer at home as it might help children in studies or help plan work stuff and manage calendars. As important as a computer is, it is a difficult decision on what computer to buy as technology changes every day. There are laptops, assembled pc, all in one pc and many more options available in the market. For a normal person who is not very tech-savvy, it is difficult to make a decision on what computer to buy just by looking at specs online. What they want is to be assisted in buying their required machine and also test it out in person. For this, the best way is to visit offline shops in your city.

Below we have listed some of the best Computer markets in Chandigarh that you can visit next time you are looking to shop. These are:

Sector 20 Computer Market

Sector 20 Computer market

The computer market in sector 20 Chandigarh is one of the biggest in the city. This is the only place in the city where you will find everything related to computers whether it’s PCs, laptops, hardware, software, computer accessories, and much more. This place houses company stores of big brands like Dell, Lenovo, hp, Asus, LG, Samsung, Acer, and also you can find brands like apple here. Apart from the direct computer brands this market also has various computer accessories brands which include, Logitech, bose, intel, and various antivirus brands. If you are not sure what you want to buy or have no knowledge whatsoever related to Computers then this market is a perfect place for you. This is because with so many options available you can browse every shop and get educated on various specifications, also you can compare prices and choose the best for you.

Some of the best shops in the market that you can go to the next time you are out for shopping here include:

  • Lenovo Exclusive Store Atlantic technologies is an all-Lenovo store. This pace sells all new technology related to Lenovo. If you are a Lenovo lover and looking for laptops or all in one PCs then this place is for you
  • Hp World is the shop you would need if you want to buy Hp products. Their staff is very helpful and some offers at this store during festival seasons are great.
  • Acer Mall sells all Acer products and also some other accessories related to their hardware. If you are looking to buy a new laptop or PC this is the perfect place.
  • RS Computech is a local Computer dealer in Sector 20 market. You can buy various brands of computers here along with repair service for all your hardware and software related problems.
  • Balaji Computers is a small shop in this market that deals with the sale and purchase of old and new computer products. If you are looking for reasonable prices with top-class service then this is the place for you.

Sector 34 Computer Market

Sector 34 Computer Market

The sector 34 computer market is a big market where you can find computer shops scattered all around. Sector 34 is already a city hub for IT-related stuff like offices and educational institutes. You can find lots of IT companies and IT schools here. Along with these the market is filled with computer dealers and repair shops. You can find more of the local dealers in this market rather than company stores but these local dealers are some of the best in the city. Most of the shop owners and staff are IT professionals hence you find the best service here When compared to other places.

As there are numerous shops it is difficult to choose where to go, so here is a list of some of the top shops in this market.

  • Kudrat Infotech in Sector 34 Chd. is one of the finest computer parts shops in Chandigarh. This is the only place you need to look for if you want to get a PC assembled as they give you all the latest technology and their prices are very affordable. They also deal in second-hand sales and purchases of hardware. Their service is one of the best in the city and the shop owners are well versed in what they do. Also, if you are looking to get repair work done then this place is great for you.
  • Future Systems is another computer shop in sector 34 which is known for having the best fixing solutions for all kinds of problems. You can also get a PC assembled here and the staff is very helpful.
  • Shree Krishna Computers is a great place to go if you are looking to deal in new or second-hand computer parts. You can find good value for money at this place. They also assemble PCs and repair all computer-related hardware.

Sector 22 Computer Market

Sector 22 Computer Market

The computer market in sector 22 is a part of the bigger electronics market there. Here you can find several stores that are only dedicated to computer systems and some which sell various products. If you are looking to buy a new PC or laptop then this place is great for you as you can find a big variety of brands here. You can find brands like Lenovo, dell, hp, Samsung, and LG here. This place also has some great computer repair shops which also sell computer parts. So, if you are looking for servicing or getting your computers fixed this is the place for you.

Out of the many shops in this market, some of the main shops where you can go the next time you are looking for computer and computer products are:

  • KC Computer house is a computer hardware shop in sector 33 market. Here you can find all kinds of computer parts of different brands at nominal prices. You can also get your PCs and laptops repaired here and also the staff is very helpful and courteous to their customers.
  • Dell exclusive store in sector 20 is a Dell store as the name suggests. You can find all Dell products here, latest and old. This place is perfect for you if you want to buy computers and laptops without the hassle of getting too deep into specs. You can get ready-made specs and the staff helps you to decide which one is most suitable for your use.
  • Amity Computers is a quaint little store in sector 22 market. Here you can get your Laptops repaired and buy new parts for your PCs. The service is very fast and prices are reasonable.

Some other Computer shops in the Chandigarh

Apart from these markets where you can find a bunch of shops, there are also some other great shops around Chandigarh which you could consider the next time you are out shopping for computers. These are:

  • Johar Computers is one of the best Computer Hardware shops in Chandigarh. It is located in sector 15. You can find the best parts for assembling your PC here. They keep all the top brands and provide a warranty on assembled PCs. The staff here is also very helpful and assists you in your shopping. You should especially visit this shop if you are looking to buy monitors as they have a large variety.
  • Bawa Computers is a computer store located in sector 41. This place provides repairing solutions for PCs and laptops. They also deal in secondhand sales and purchase of computers and prices are fairly reasonable. If you are looking for good repairing solutions this is a good choice for you.
  • Beyond computers is a computer repair shop located in sector 35. You can find suitable fixing solutions for all kinds of computer and laptop-related problems. This place also deals in the sale and purchase of computer hardware and software. If your computer needs service or an upgrade this is the place you would want to go.
  • Genius Computer Systems is one of the top Computer repair shops in Chandigarh. Located in sector 35 this place has a solution for all kinds of computer problems. The staff here is very knowledgeable and assists the customer with any query they have. Their service is very prompt and prices are very reasonable. If you are looking to get your computers or laptops serviced you should check this place out.
  • Varsha Computech is a computer shop located in Manimajra. A great place to buy computer hardware and software, you can also get PCs assembled here. The staff has great knowledge of their craft and assists you in making a PC. You can also get your laptops serviced here. This place has a big variety of brands of hardware which is why it is said to be one of the best computer parts shop in Chandigarh.

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