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Flowers are one of the most unique creations this world has. The same flower which can be fragrant with all its aroma can also cut your hand with its bushy thorns. They grow in the ground, on trees, in water, in swamps, and almost in almost all landscapes. Since the beginning of human records flowers are used as a token of goodwill from the sender to receiver. Flowers have been used to please gods, decorate shrines, and other religious events throughout history.

Now in the 21st century along with these practices of presenting flowers to gods, they are also used by people to present each other as a gift, token for an apology, to decorate events of happiness, and they are even used in events of sadness. As everyone doesn’t have the luxury of growing flowers in their garden and using them for these purposes, people visit florists in the market to buy flowers. Flower shops sell all kinds of flowers, whether seasonal or yearly. They even sell combinations of flowers for specific events.

Chandigarh has its fair share of florists in the city. you can find permanent shops as well as street vendors selling flowers all around. The first florists in the city started sitting outside Aroma hotel in sector 22 since its beginning. From there onwards, people got to know that florists exist and sales started getting up. Now almost every sector in the city has a florist or street vendors sitting on the floors where you can buy flowers.

Here we list you some of the best florists in Chandigarh where you can buy flowers for your next event, gift, or an apology you owe to some loved one of yours.

Quite Office Market, Sector 35

Quite office Market

The quite office market in Sector 35 is one of the most known flower market in Chandigarh. People from all around the city come here to visit this market. This market has various permanent flower shops as well as street vendors who sell a wide variety of flowers. You can find flowers for almost every occasion here. The market has a big competition spirit going on which is a win situation for customers. With so many shops selling flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, and much more, the prices here are very reasonable and the service is also very fast. Every shop sells customized flower bouquets according to the need of the customers and you can also make changes to the ready-made bouquets. Some of the most the main shops in the market that you might want to visit the next time you are looking for flowers are:

  • Ferns n Petals Chandigarh is one of the most known shops in the city. here you can find all the different types of flowers and bouquets. This place also has an official website where you can order not only flowers but other gifting items, including mugs, showpieces, and even cakes.
  • The Petal Studio is one of the biggest shops in the market. This shop comprises various booths. You can find large varieties of bouquets and also get customized ones. The place also delivers at your doorstep and their service is very efficient.
  • You can also try all the street vendors who sell beautiful bouquets at lesser prices. Their work is equally phenomenal but prices are low. The only setback here you might find is the variety but it is fairly sufficient for most people.

Sector 34 Flower Market

Sector 34 Flower Market

Sector 34 also has a little flower market where people from all over the tri-city stop to buy flowers. You can find a number of street sellers in the market along with a few permanent shops. Here you can find a good variety of flowers and bouquets made customized for your specific needs. The prices are fairly reasonable and the service is also very fast. There is majorly one shop in the market which is the busiest.

  • Khoobsurat Florist is a place where you can find all kinds of flowers you want. Their display of items is very eye-pleasing and every time you visit you feel very fresh. The workers of the shop can be constantly found sitting making new bouquets. You can also order home deliveries here.
  • Street Sellers are always a great option if you are on a budget. There are great options and the people in this market are very friendly.

Phase 7 Flower Market

Phase 7 Flower Market

Phase 7 Mohali has a street flower market. This flower market has the most number of street sellers than anywhere else in the tri-city. you can find different styles of flowers and get customized bouquets made. The prices in this market are very reasonable and the craft of people making the Bouquets is unmatchable. If you are looking to buy flowers next time you must give this market a try. Any person in the nearby area will guide you to the shops which have now gained landmark status.

Flower Market Sector 18

Flower Market Sector 18

The sector 18 market is known for selling various giftable and decorative items. you can find shops ranging from painting houses to hardware stores for house renovations. This market also houses various street flower sellers. You can find the best range of flowers and bouquets here. The quality of flowers you get here is extraordinary and the prices are very reasonable.

Other Flower Shops in Chandigarh

Other Flower Shops in Chandigarh

Along with these markets where you can find a bunch of shops in one place, there are also some specific shops in each sector where you can buy flowers. Some of the best of these florists are:

  • Arora Flower House this flower shop is located in sector 23. You can find various types of flowers here. The prices are affordable and the quality of flowers is fresh. You can find a lot of customizable options here too.
  • Ladli Flower Shop is located in sector 32. You can find different types of flowers here. The bouquets are made straight for your specific need and the prices are very reasonable.
  • Blossoms ‘n’ Foliage this florist is one of the fancy shops in Chandigarh. It is located in sector 7. You can find unique styles of flower arrangements here. You can also look for home decorations and event decoration planners here.
  • Arose Florist is a flower shop located in sector 19. You can find a wide variety of flowers here at nominal prices. This shop has a top place in Chandigarh’s online florists. You can find a great range of delivery options here.

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