Best Universities in Chandigarh

Some of the Best Universities in Chandigarh are below:

  1. Punjab University
  2. Punjab Engineering College

1. Punjab University

History and Overview

Panjab University is one of India’s oldest universities and unquestionably the best university in Chandigarh. A public university funded by both state and union Governments, it establishes its roots to University of the Punjab in Lahore which was built in 1882. During the partition of India in 1947, the partition councils at the state and centre levels could not reach a consensus about the division of the university. But since there were no universities in the east Punjab region the government decided to set up a new university in Solan which was called the East Punjab University. With over a decade of teaching departments bouncing between the cities of Hoshiarpur, Delhi, Jalandhar, and Amritsar the university got its new campus in Chandigarh which we now know as the Panjab University, Chandigarh.

University Campus

The University is located in sector 14 and sector 25 Chandigarh (also called the south campus). Spread over an area of 550 acres the university was designed by architect Pierre Jeanneret under the guidance of Le Corbusier. The campus houses administrative buildings, academic institutions, hostels, schools, Sports complexes, and residential properties. Each Department of the university has different facilities which include museums, auditoriums, libraries, and much more.

Apart from the main city campus the university has nearly 188 affiliate colleges in Punjab and Chandigarh. The university also has constituent colleges as well as regional centres in Punjab which include:

Constituent Colleges
  • Baba Balraj Panjab University Constituent College
  • Panjab University Constituent College (Dharamkot)
  • Panjab University Constituent College (Mokham Khan Wala)
  • Panjab University Constituent College (Nihalsingh Wala)
  • Panjab University Constituent College (Sikhwala)
  • Shaheed Udham Singh Panjab University Constituent College (Guru Har Sahai)
Regional Centres
  • Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana
  • Panjab University Regional Centre, Muktsar
  • Panjab University Rural Centre, Kauni
  • Panjab University Swami Sarvanand Giri Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur


Panjab University Chandigarh houses over 78 different departments with hundreds of courses in different fields. These departments include main and sub departments of different academic streams which are located on the main campus in Chandigarh. Apart from this there are the regional centres, constituent colleges, and all the affiliated colleges.

Some of the major departments on the main campus of Panjab University are as follows:

  • Arts: Arts Department is one of the biggest departments in PU Chandigarh. With the most specialized courses the subjects here include history, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, public administration, geography, social ethics, human rights, and much more. There also is the school of communication studies which offers diploma, masters, and research degrees in journalism and mass communication.
  • Business Management and Commerce: The business management and commerce department is one of Panjab University’s most known departments around the country. This is because it houses some of the excellent business schools that offer specialized MBA as well as Hospitality Management programs. These schools include:
    • University Business School (UBS): University Business School is Panjab University’s most well-known institute with one of the most diverse batches of students from all over the country and abroad. This inclusive and diverse environment ensures overall development of the student. The business school offers not only traditional MBA programmes but also specialized subjects that fulfill the needs of the modern economy. The aim of University Business School is to not only provide theoretical knowledge but to ready the students for practical work in the real world which makes it one of the best Business Schools in India.
    • University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS): UIAMS is another great business school in Panjab University that offers a great variety of specialized sectoral MBA programmes to fulfill the demand of specialized skilled people in the business industry. Admissions in UIAMS, Chandigarh are based on Panjab University management entrance test (PU MET).
    • University Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (UIHTM): UIHTM is a hotel and tourism management school in Panjab University which offers bachelor and master degrees in specialized subjects. This institute is widely popular among students from the tricity area as it provides great exposure to students in the world of hospitality management through their excellent practical and theoretical curriculum.
  • Design and Fine Arts: The Design and Fine Arts department of Panjab University is a much specialized department. The courses include bachelor, master, and research degrees in subjects like fine arts, Indian theatre, and music (vocal and instrumental).
  • Education: The Education department of Panjab University is one of the best in the country. The training facilities for future educators are world class and subject matter is finely designed to help grasp as much detail as possible in a student’s respective subjects.
  • Languages: The languages department of Panjab University offers a plethora of courses as bachelor, master, and research studies for languages which include English, French, German, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, and Chinese & Tibetan Languages.
  • Law: The Department of Laws of Panjab University offers master and bachelor courses in legal studies. The department is one of the most sought after departments in Panjab University by students from all over the country. The other colleges include University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) on the university campus and University Institute of Laws in Ludhiana.
  • Medical Sciences: The medical sciences department houses one of the best colleges in Chandigarh which is Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital. The college as the name suggests offers dental studies which include master and bachelor courses in Dental surgery. Another highly sought after college for dental students in the country, this institute offers the best teachers and facilities to aid a student’s professional growth.
  • Multi-Faculty Departments: This department of Panjab University houses the Department of Evening Studies and University School of Open Learning (USOL). These departments have multiple faculties with a wide variety of courses including streams like commerce, arts, and media. This department is a great option for people thinking of continuing studies at a later age and are keen to learn new subjects. It is also a great option for students who join jobs or internships while studying. This helps the students continue their education in evening classes or as a correspondence course from USOL.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: This department has the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences which offers bachelor, master, and research studies in pharmacy as well as a few specialized subjects like quality assurance and pharmaceutical analysis. A great department with world class facilities and excellent teachers it is a great place for students looking to make a career in fields of pharmacy.
  • Engineering and Technology: Engineering and Technology is one of the most respected departments in Panjab University. It has aided some of the most successful individuals in the field of engineering in this country. The subjects are carefully curated to fulfil the requirements of the modern world. The teaching methods and practical work is extensively designed to help students get ready for any challenge they face in the field. The best college from this department is the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET). It offers master, bachelor, and research studies in traditional as well as modern engineering subjects. For detailed information about the subject matter you can visit the Panjab University Website.
  • Science: Along with the arts department the science department is another big department of Panjab University. It offers a plethora of courses as bachelor, master, and research studies. The subjects offered in the science department include Anthropology, nuclear medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, botany, chemistry, physics, zoology, geology, statistics, mathematics, computer science, environment studies, and many more related subjects. The teachers are great and the course materials are carefully curated to aid students in their journey in becoming world class researchers, educators, and skilled working professionals. The practical laboratories are a big part of this department which can be seen by the university’s dedication to make them some of the best in the world.


As mentioned earlier Panjab University takes pride in providing the best quality of education to students which is why it is one of the best government university in Chandigarh. To fulfil these goals Panjab University has a bunch of facilities for students from academic to extra-curricular to residential in nature which aids the overall development of students and gives them the ease to put all their focus on their courses.

Some of these include:

  • Hostels There are over 17 residential halls (hostels on the campus) which can accommodate over 6000 people. 9 of these are for women and 8 for men.
  • Sports Sports complexes with world class facilities including all season swimming pool, cricket pitch, tennis courts, football fields, and much more.
  • Cafeterias Students cafeteria in an open and hygienic environment where students for all departments can hangout and socialize while having some of the most delicious food in all Chandigarh.
  • Library A five storeyed central library with a capacity of accommodating over 500 readers at a time. It includes not only academic books and papers but also has a computer centre for studying and research purposes.
  • Laboratories World Class laboratories in each departments whether it is science, computers, history, or any other specialized fields,
  • Local Markets Markets with all kinds of vendors including stationery, bookshops, refreshment centres and much more are located inside the university premises. This avoids any inconvenience to the students who live in campus hostels.

These are just some of the facilities which help students bring out their best from their courses. Apart from these each department has its own specialized centres inside the buildings including all off campus Panjab University Colleges in Chandigarh.

Admissions and Examinations

Panjab University offers a wide variety of courses and the criteria for admissions in these courses vary from course to course. At graduation level some specialized courses like BCA/MCA (and many more) are filled through a common entrance test which is different for both UG and PG. Whereas some seats in courses like MBA or engineering are filled through central admission tests like CAT and JEE. There are also direct admissions after passing 12th based on cut-off percentages for different courses.

The process for Panjab University admissions is very centralized and can be easily navigated through the PU Chandigarh website which is Here you can find all the notifications, brochures, and all the Panjab University admission forms.

If you have any problem navigating the website you can also visit the help desk in person at the university or call at the Panjab University Chandigarh Contact number which is 1800-180-2065, 0172 2534818, 0172-2534866.

Student Life

Panjab University provides one of the best overall experiences for students not just in Chandigarh but in the whole country. The beautiful city of Chandigarh compliments the university and vice -versa.

Inside the university students can take part in many extracurricular activities including sports, University elections, hanging out at the students centre, and much more. Outside they can explore the city and its magnificent landmarks. They can also visit nearby hill stations which have always been the top spot for university students to hangout.

To enhance the student experience while studying here each department has its annual cultural events and sports meets which enhances the overall student experience. On top of that Panjab University also has centralized events in which multiple departments, colleges, compete in various extracurricular activities. These events are a highlight of the university experience and students from all around the city and nearby areas visit the university to socialize at these events.


Panjab University aims at providing quality and practical education to students in their respective fields. The overall purpose of such a neatly designed curriculum is to make the students employable in the real world.

Panjab University has a central placement cell which manages the visiting companies and provides the best opportunities to students. Apart from this each department has its own placement club which helps students navigate their path when out there seeking jobs.


Panjab University has consistently been ranked in the between 30 and 50 among the top 200 universities in India by NIRF.(National Institutional Ranking Framework)

When talking about the world stage it was ranked between the ranks of 1200-1400 in QS World University Rankings for the last few years.


Panjab University has produced and helped grow some of the finest minds in India who have not only achieved great success in the country but also around the globe. Some of the former students of Panjab University in various fields of life include Manmohan Singh(former Prime Minister of India), Sushma Swaraj(Former Minister of External Affairs India), Kiran Bedi(Former IPS Officer), Yuvraj Singh(Cricketer), Ayushman Khuranna(Actor/Singer), and many more.

Location & Address

Sector 14, Chandigarh, 160014 Call:1800-180-2065, 0172 2534818 , 0172-2534866 9 am–5 pm View Location on Google Map
* Please get in touch with Punjab University's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

2. Punjab Engineering College

History and Overview

Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) is an engineering college located in Chandigarh. It is a Public research institution and is considered one of the top engineering Colleges in India. This institute has a vast history starting from its establishment as Mughalpura Technical College in Lahore in 1921. Since then it changed names multiple times until being finally called Punjab College of Engineering and Technology in 1939. After the partition of India the institute was shifted to Roorkee and called East Punjab Engineering College. Later the college committee dropped the word east from the university and in 1953 it was finally relocated to its current address which is in sector 12 Chandigarh.

After 1953 and formation of Chandigarh as a union territory of India, PEC came under the control of the Government of India. In 2003 it was given the status of deemed university and renamed Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University). In 2009 a new name for the institution was suggested which was PEC University of Technology but it was rejected by University Grants commission (India) and the college was finally named Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University).


Punjab Engineering College campus is spread over an area of 149 acres. It is situated on the north side of Chandigarh and is near to the Shivalik hills. The institute is located in sector 12 Chandigarh close to Panjab University which makes it an ideal location for students as they can socialize with other students from around the city.

The College campus is divided into various structures areas which include hostels, administrative block, new academic building, residential complex, main building, and a market. Further these buildings house classrooms, seminar halls, auditorium, open air theater, workshops, and laboratories. The hostels are on the campus and aim at assisting students to find all kinds of necessary services on campus including banking and post office.


The Punjab Engineering College offers a wide variety of courses in the field of engineering and technology. Along with the traditional subjects in this field the college has also incorporated modern and new growing subjects. The courses are mainly divided into undergraduate, postgraduate, and research studies which fall under different departments. These departments are:

  • Aerospace Engineering: Department of aerospace engineering was established in PEC Chandigarh in 1962. This department has grown exponentially over the years with continuous changes in the particular field. The laboratories have over the time upgraded to world class facilities to equip students with modern knowledge. This department has one of the strongest student bodies that aim to grow the field of aerospace engineering as well as personal growth. A student can opt for both B.Tech. and M.Tech. in aerospace engineering. Research projects are seat based and admissions for these are decided by the faculty of the particular department.
  • Applied Sciences: Applied science department offers a variety of core courses in different scientific fields. These include physics, mathematics, chemistry, humanities, and geology. In this department students can opt for elective subjects like economics, sociology, psychology, and many more. This helps students diversify their playing field when looking for jobs in the real world. The faculty in this department is aptly qualified with most teachers having a doctorate in their particular subjects and others pursuing it while teaching.
  • Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering is one of the traditional streams of engineering. PEC has a vast number of students opting for civil engineering as the college is known for its modern curriculum. The department has kept up with times and aims at teaching students all the latest knowledge in this field using new methodology. You can opt for different specializations like transportation engg., structures, engg., and water resources engg. PEC offers both B.Tech. and M.Tech in Civil engineering.
  • Computer Science and Engineering: For a relatively newer sector in the history of our world computer science is the fastest growing international industry. It is responsible for globalization at a rapid extent. This is one subject that the majority of engineering aspirants aim at studying in their dream colleges. Same is the case with PEC. A highly sought after department, it offers both B.Tech. and M.Tech. in computer science with elective subjects. The Ph.D. admissions are seat and academic background based. All the notifications can be found on the PEC website. The computer science and engineering department also houses a state of art computer centre that caters to students from all the streams.
  • Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering is another traditional stream of engineering which is still as popular. This is one such field which has never lost its importance in the global economy. It is because advancements in fields like machinery and artificial intelligence are standing on its roots. Students can opt for both B.Tech. and M.Tech. in electrical engineering at PEC Chandigarh. The doctorate programme in electrical engineering from PEC is always on the lookout by students.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering: This department offers all undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes in electronics engineering with multiple subject options. Admissions in this department are difficult as cut offs are generally very high. The college aims at creating great researchers and leaders in the field of electronics and communications. This department aims at forwarding scientific advancements in fields of wireless, micro processing, and other related subjects.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is the most popular engineering stream for students around the world. This Department is the oldest department in this institution and still stands high to this day. PEC offers all undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes in mechanical engineering. A well-structured department, the faculty here is world class and the workshops/laboratories are highly equipped to help students learn all the new as well as old practical concepts in the field.
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: This department is known for offering a comprehensive curriculum in all its courses be it undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate. Students opting for this department should stand shoulder to shoulder with students from the best institutions around the world. The extensive practical work along with live workshops help students grasp the knowledge minutely which is beneficial to their careers.
  • Production and Industrial Engineering: The main aim of this department is to create future leaders in the field based on industry requirements around the world. The subjects are carefully curated to meet the needs of the world economy. This helps increase the employability of students opting for this department. Students can opt for all undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate courses.


Punjab Engineering College is not only one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab but also in India. This is mainly because of the world class facilities it offers to its students so that they don’t have to rely on outside sources to get the best of their course curriculum. Some of these facilities include:

  • Hostels: There are 4 boys (Shivalik Hostel, Himalaya Hostel, Kurukshetra Hostel, and Aravali Hostel) and 2 girls (Kalpna Chawla Hostel, Vindhya Hostel) hostels in PEC Chandigarh. The institute aims at providing the best hostel facilities to students including hygienic nutritious food, common area, washing facilities, and all over Wi-Fi access. The rooms are well maintained and adhere to the best hostel standards around the world.
  • Library: The central library built on an area of 27000 sq. feet is a one of its kind facility with the best collection of books and other literary material for students. It is a common place for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students along with the faculty to sit and study. The sectioned library is manned by professional staff to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Computer Centre: First established in 1994 the computer centre at PEC Chandigarh houses some of the best quality of hardware and software for students to train on. The computer centre has been upgraded many times since 1994 and continues to do so to keep up with the changing technology. This primarily serves as the training hub for students to grow their practical skills, but there are also separate hubs within the computer centre for students to conduct research and complete projects & assignments.
  • Laboratories: PEC provides students with best in the world laboratories to understand the practical aspect of their curriculum. The laboratories are well equipped and meet the standards of many great engineering colleges around the world.
  • Sports: The institute also wants students to focus on their physical well being which is why the campus is equipped with a well maintained track field, swimming pool, and gymnasium hall. These facilities encourage students to take part in sports like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, lawn tennis, hockey, and badminton.
  • Medical Facilities: The campus also houses a dispensary for students and staff to visit any time free of cost. The dispensary is well equipped with first aid medical facilities and trained doctors. In case of severe emergencies patients can be referred to PGIMER or GMSH- 16.
  • Workshops: The College also has facilities for students to participate in workshops like automobile, carpentry, electrical, electroplating, welding, sheet metal, fitting, and many more.


Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University) offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research studies which are B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. The admission process in all these streams is different and is as follows.

  • B.Tech.: Admission in B.Tech. is based on the JEE mains exam which is a national level exam in India to get admission into engineering colleges. The admissions are purely based on cut off in a particular year and the number of seats in different courses.
  • M.Tech.: Admissions in M.Tech. are based on the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam which is another national level admissions test to get admissions into masters programmes in the field of engineering. Admissions are based on cut off in that particular year and also the number of seats.
  • Ph.D.: Admissions in Ph.D. is based on GATE score and/or interview by the specific faculty of the desired department you need admissions in.

If you want to know the Punjab Engineering College fees structure for these particular courses you can visit the college website. There you can find a detailed layout of all the expenditures including fees.

Student Life

The Student life at PEC Chandigarh is excellent. This is because of the highly inclusive and welcoming environment this institute presents to its students. This is evident by the vast number of technical and cultural societies in place for students to join and also the yearly cultural fests.

The societies help students socialize and feel less homesick when staying in hostels away from home. Another benefit of such clubs and societies is you get to learn something new which can benefit you further your career in a number of fields. The technical societies are subject specific and very close to the subject matter of what students are studying, but if you want to learn something totally different from your course you can choose from different cultural societies which include art & photography club, music club, theatre club, and much more.

The yearly PEC fest is a grand affair where students get to organize and participate in various cultural and technical activities. These include competitions, performances, and much more in both these fields. The yearly fest is headlined by a grand musical and dance performance which is performed by some of the best artists from the country. Students from colleges all around the region come to participate and see the PEC Fest.

This mix and match of academic as well as co-curricular life for students make PEC Chandigarh not only one of the top Engineering Colleges in Punjab but also all over India.


Placements are one of the major attractions for students when looking to study in PEC Chandigarh. The career development and guidance centre is a one stop for students studying here. Any kind of problems that the students face to make themselves employable is addressed by the career development and guidance centre.

The aim of this centre is to make students aware of the real world and help solve their hurdles when approaching employers for jobs. The guidance centre also works hard to help students secure the semester long industrial training so that the students can make the best of their curriculum. There also is a student’s placement committee which helps students year round.

The well rounded career development centre along with high quality education is why PEC Chandigarh has one of the greatest placement records in the country. Every student is highly employable and independent. If you want to get a better picture of what the placement data looks like for PEC you can visit their official website where you can also find various testimonials from top companies around the world. This structured placement helpdesk makes this institute one of the best engineering colleges in India.


PEC Chandigarh is a highly sought after institution for students in India looking to study in the field of engineering and technology. This is mainly because the course curriculum and training facilities here are world class and at par with many top institutions in India. In 2022 Punjab Engineering College was ranked 87th in India by National Institute Ranking Framework.

Notable Alumni

Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh has educated and trained some of the finest minds of this country. Students graduated from here have gone ahead and achieved great success in many different fields in this country and around the world. Some of the most notable alumni from PEC Chandigarh include Kalpana Chawla (Astronaut), Sandeep Bakshi (Banker, CEO of ICICI Bank), Vijay K. Dhir (Former Dean of UCLA), Badshah (Musician), Jaspal Bhatti (Film-Maker, Comedian).

Location & Address

Sector 12, Chandigarh, 160012, India Call:0172-2753055 9:30 AM–5 PM View Location on Google Map
* Please get in touch with Punjab Engineering College's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.