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Manpreet Singh – StreetFoodChandigarh

Manpreet Singh - StreetFoodChandigarh

Manpreet Singh is inspired by famous food bloggers such as “Dil se Foodie”, “Dilli foodies” and many other food bloggers from Delhi. street_food_chandigarh aka Manpreet Singh is a DAV College student and has a whooping 97K followers on Instagram at such a young age. It feels so amazing a person who is still in college is such a great food blogger. You would be surprised to see his Instagram posts about all the amazing and drool-worthy food places he had visited in Chandigarh. Manpreet says “Food blogging only started as a hobby for me but now I like to proceed with it as a full-time career”.

Manpreet used to follow and learn from the Delhi food bloggers who are his inspiration to start his food blog. He generally reviews and likes to post about the street foods in Chandigarh that are most famous among the youth of the town. When he reviews a particular place, he keeps in mind certain factors such as the ambiance or atmosphere of the place, quality, and taste of the food, packaging, and also the presentation of the food. The two most favorite restaurants of Manpreet are Social and Food@u. This food blogger has great potential and will surely go very far in the future as a food blogger

Instagram Followers: 97K

Primary Occupation: DAV college student & full time food blogger

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Jimmy Makkar – FoodTalesOfficial

Jimmy Makkar - FoodTalesOfficial

Jimmy Makkar is one of the most experienced food bloggers in Chandigarh. He started with food blogging when people in Chandigarh knew very little about it. He used to attend the food blogger meets by Zomato. This is how his journey towards food blogging began. According to Jimmy, he has an undeniable love for food and this is what persuaded him to start his food blogging channel with the name of foodtaleschandigarh.

Jimmy believes that he is not a food critic and whatever he has learned is through the experience that he has gained over the past years. He also believes that one must respect every dish because there is a lot of hard work and effort involved in preparing a dish. This is why one must always give positive yet constructive feedback to every dish so that it can help the restaurant grow and flourish. Jimmy has the largest database of the city’s bloggers with him and uses Zomato as the major platform for reviewing the food items.

He not only maintains a successful blog together but has also organized about 230 blogger meets and 3 Celebrity Chef’s Food Walks in a very short time. He has a good fan following on Instagram with about twenty-nine thousand followers and is also a Connoisseur on Zomato. Jimmy loves to go to Dera and Black Lotus at Taj and Dastaan. He is a businessman and an MBA graduate from the University Business School, PU. He owns the Chief-19 store in Mohali. Food is just a complete experience and not just something to eat, according to Jimmy. This is what makes food worthwhile.

It is because of experienced food bloggers like Jimmy that people who are new to Chandigarh or who want to explore the Tricity can find good places to eat. Thanks to foodtalesofficial.

Instagram Followers: 29K

Primary Occupation: Businessman & food blogger

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Swati Khosla – The Girl in Phulkari

Swati Khosla - The Girl in Phulkari

Swati Khosla, a food blogger with Punjabi roots, has been in love with food for a very long time. She began her food blogging career in Chandigarh. Swati started blogging when she was exploring the lip-smacking food culture of Chandigarh. Her profile name – The Girl in Phulkari is a reflection of the Punjabi culture. Before beginning with her blog, she did a corporate job in Gurugram, after completing her master’s in Business Economics. She believes that food is an integral part of the Punjabi culture. Swati loves to click beautiful pictures of whatever food she eats and enjoys baking too. When she left her corporate job, she decided to share her love and passion for food blogging on a public platform with others.

Initially, Swati used to write reviews on Zomato. After getting familiar with the social media landscape, she found that Instagram is an appropriate platform to showcase her talent. Gradually, people started to appreciate her work on Instagram, which motivated her to work even harder in that field. She thinks that food blogging is a great way of making new friends and interact with like-minded people who have similar interests as her.

Instagram Followers: 28.6K

Primary Occupation: Content creator & food blogger

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Rahul Miglani – Food Critic in Town

Rahul Miglani - Food Critic in Town

Rahul Miglani is a famous food blogger based in Chandigarh. He has been on the journey of food blogging since 2015 and was one of the only food bloggers in the city. Rahul uses his food blog as a medium to share his love for food with everybody. He is a handloom businessman by profession and maintains the blog along with his business.

Rahul’s inspiration to begin with the food blog is the sheer excitement he has for food in his heart. He started with reviewing restaurants in town on various public platforms which started getting recognition with the time. Nowadays, he is contacted by various restaurants for food tasting sessions and feedbacks. This allowed him to explore some of the best foods in Chandigarh. Rahul is glad that he started with this journey of food blogging.

Rahul is an avid travel enthusiast and conquered the rough terrains of Himalayas with his Royal Enfield.

Instagram Followers: 27.1K

Primary Occupation: A handloom businessman, biker at heart & a food blogger by choice

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Jaspreet & Kamaldeep – Foodie Couple Chd

Jaspreet & Kamaldeep - Foodie Couple Chd

When it comes to finding out the best food and food places in Chandigarh, this Jaspreet and Kamaldeep never fail to impress. This foodie couple of Chandigarh has been blogging about food for quite a while now. They cover the best street foods and restaurants in the city.

Jaspreet and Kamaldeep are certified connoisseurs on Zomato, which is a huge food delivery platform. Both of them are known to give their honest reviews about the food they try in Chandigarh. They have come a long way and are known to be the best food bloggers in The City Beautiful.

The couple’s content is very engaging and interesting. They have gained a lot of appreciation lately and are expected to be one of the top food bloggers in the country in the future.

If you are a foodie and are looking to explore all the food places in the entire Chandigarh, you have landed at the perfect place. Follow this wonderful power couple and get information about all the different varieties of delicious food items available in the Tricity.

Instagram Followers: 23.9K

Primary Occupation: Vegetarian home bakery owner & food blogger

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Most Liked Places

Barbeque Nation

SCO 39, Madhya Marg, Block 2, Sector 26, near Green Market, Chowk, Chd, 160019


2 Cafe
Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

Chokhi Dhani

Amravati Enclave, Pinjore Kalka UrbanComplex (Shimla-Kalka Highway) NH22 Panchkula.

Bhena Da Dhaba

SCF NO 1, Phase 5, Sector 59, SAS Nagar, Punjab 160059

Ram Chat Bhandar

75, Sub. City Center, Sector 34C, Chandigarh, 160022