| Updated on May 6, 2021

Overview & History

The natural history museum is a science-based museum situated in sector-10. It is a showcase of Indian evolution of 5000 years, with artifacts ranging from the Indus valley civilization to the very recent times.

The Natural history Museum Chandigarh was inaugurated in 1973 with the name Museum of Evolution of Life. It was not until 2001 with rapid expansions in the museum, it was renamed the Natural History Museum. The museum was conceptualized by Dr. M.S Randhawa as one of the science additions to the existing art museums, it was designed by architect Shiv Dutt Sharma and his team.

Along with the Indian evolution, the museum also shows the history of humans and other life through actual fossils, remains, and paintings.

What to expect when visiting the Natural History Museum?

The Natural history museum shows the vast history of humankind along with the natural history of plants, other animals, ecosystems, meteorology, and Indian evolution. The museum is not only meant for science lovers but caters to all audiences and has something on display for everyone’s interest.

Some components of the museum that might catch your attention include:

  • Fossil remains of dinosaurs of India are kept here to catch visitor’s attention. These are accompanied by models of the dinosaurs and their descriptions.
  • The evolution of life of the solar system and universe from the time of the big bang to the present is depicted through pictures and models.
  • Human evolution including all life forms ranging from single cellular organisms to multi-cellular organisms is show here depicted through fossils and models.
  • The remains from past civilizations in and around India including the Indus valley civilization. Some of the findings presented here have taken the world by storm as they suggested the possibility of human evolution outside of Africa.

The gallery is well maintained and to show all the above elements, it is divided into 6 sections which makes it easy for you to browse and decide what you want to see.

Timings and Ticket Price

The timings to visit are 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The ticket fare is just 10rs per person with an additional 5rs for the camera.