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Sector 35 is another sector that has a big number of mobile showrooms in Chandigarh. There are a number of market blocks in his sector and you can find big showrooms of brands like Samsung and LG in the big front market. But the main mobile phone market is sector 35 is located inside the sector in the inner booths. This market is a collection of small booths where you can buy a variety of brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG phones.

This market is also one of the few second-hand mobile markets in the city. you can buy and sell second-hand phones at reasonable prices. The service is very satisfactory and the shops offer a warranty on existing products as well. This market is also known for repair works and you can come to this market with any kind of phone problem and return with a solution.

Some of the main shops in the market that offer the best service include:

  • S.J mobile store is a good all-round shop where you can buy and sell mobile phones and also get repair work done.
  • Bombay communication is one of the famous mobile stores here where you can find a variety of mobile phone brands. You can also get repair done here and sell your old mobile phones.
  • Smart thinktenics and co. is also a great shop to sell and buy mobile phones. You can find the best deals here and get good value for your money.
  • Samsung Smart café also has a branch in sector 35 where you can buy all kinds of Samsung products. If you are looking for genuine Samsung products you should visit this showroom.