Famous Art Theatres in Chandigarh

When we talk about entertainment, Chandigarh can never lack behind. It has something for every type of person. Theatre is one of the best sources of entertainment for some people. There are wonderful art theatres in Chandigarh that all theatre lovers will surely be interested in. If you are a theatre fan and are looking for some good art theatres in the Tricity, you are at the right place. Here, we have mentioned some of the most famous art theatres with some excellent performers and theatre groups in Chandigarh with exceptional skills that will amaze you.

Some of the Best Art Theatres in Chandigarh are below:

  1. Tagore Theatre
  2. Kalagram
  3. Bal Bhawan
  4. Indradhanush Auditorium
  5. Punjab Kala Bhawan

1. Tagore Theatre

Tagore Theatre


  • Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the city beautiful, is also known as the cultural capital of the region. Many renowned artists hail from this city. All these are known for their contribution towards preserving the arts and culture of our country. The city hosts various performances to give a platform to budding performers to exhibit their skills. Tagore theatre Chandigarh is one such place that is the pioneer for these arts-based performances.

About Tagore Theatre

Established in 1962, it is one of the oldest yet the best place to witness various performing arts events. Initially, the theatre was sponsored and managed by the Government of India, but after the Tagore Society got registered in 1972, it is taking care of this place.

Some interesting facts about Tagore theatre in Chandigarh

Situated in Sector-18, there are a lot of interesting facts that every city resident and dweller must know about:

  • The renowned architect, Aditya Prakash designed the building. He was one of the key members in the capital project team, headed by none other than Le Corbusier.
  • This famous theatre now auditorium has been named after the Nobel laureate, Rabindra Nath Tagore.
  • The theatre has one more feather in the cap as renowned film and theatre artist Late Sh. Prithviraj Kapoor as its first chairman.
  • Till date, Tagore Theatre has organized almost ten thousand events and has been the host for millions of people.

Structure and Design

The theatre’s aesthetic look with blank brick-walled cuboid structure is very pleasing. The theatre was renovated a few years back, however, the renovation was done preserving the original soul of the theatre. Also, the concept of reflected sound is enough to make the audience capitative to the performances. Here are some of the prominent features of Tagore theatre:

  • It can accommodate 801 people at a time.
  • The theatre is divided into two segments, the first Segment has an auditorium, booking office, and foyer. The other segment includes the stage, green rooms, workshop, and reversal area. In between the two segments is the acting area or waiting area of the stage.
  • It has ten rooms, out of which eight are dressing rooms, while two are reserved for retiring and resting.

How to Book Tagore Theatre Chandigarh Show Tickets

To book Tagore theatre Chandigarh tickets or to check the program schedule, one can visit the official website, tagoretheatrechd.org or can visit personally.

Location & Address

Tagore Theatre Sector 18 Chandigarh, 160018 Call:0172-2724278 Monday To Saturday (9:00 am To 5:00 pm)
Sunday- 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm
View Location on Google Map


– Main Auditorium Capacity 801 Seats
– Mini Auditorium Capacity 120 Seats
– Two Rehearsal Halls (40′ X 21′ each)
– Projector + Screen 6K Lumens, Screen 20’ x 15’

* Please get in touch with Tagore Theatre's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

2. Kalagram


Cultural center in Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a beautiful place with a lot of tourist spots showcasing the beauty of this place. This city has something about it that people start connecting with it as soon as they dwell more into it. This city has a lot to offer to tourists but has also paved the way for many artists. Craftsmen can showcase their skills and earn a livelihood at the same time. Kalagram is the epitome of craft, and over the years, many artists have garnered appreciation by showcasing their talent on this big platform.

About Kalagram Chandigarh

The moment you will enter this place, you will see the beautifully crafted village. The place is designed in a way to give people the feel of the interior and rural India. Situated on the road connecting Chandigarh and Panchkula, Kalagram holds the biggest craft fair every year. Kalagram Mela Chandigarh is one of the most-awaited events of the year. This event gives the platform for people from all around the country. They showcase the uniqueness of their place through beautifully crafted stylish products. It includes everything from home furnishing to dresses to little embellishments.

Other Attractions of Kalagram

Haveli, the Banquet

Haveli, itself is a brand and, when it gets connected with another big name like Kalagram, it becomes even more huge. If you are planning to host an event in Kalagram Chandigarh, this is a place to be. With a huge banquet hall and a spacious lawn, it can make all your events memorable. Be it pre-wedding functions or reception, no other place can match your expectations. With beautiful interiors and a well-kept lawn, you can host hundreds of people at the same time. They have in-house decorators and serve mouth-watering veg and non-veg cuisines.


Baithak is the authentic North-Indian restaurant serving food for ages. The decor will remind you of the classic old times Indian restaurant but this is the beauty of this place The menu may be precise but the quality and the ambiance are what will make your day a special one.


Glassy bar in Kalagram is the desi-style bar serving drinks most traditionally. With mesmerizing lightings, set-up, and outstanding DJ, this is the perfect place to host get-togethers and small parties.


Last but not least, it has a museum which is also an exhibition hall with the name of Virasat Museum. It has displayed the art and craftwork of regions like Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. You may find traditional ceramic products, old utensils, charkha, various cultivating instruments, and many more amusing things like these. It is the must-visit place for children to make them learn about our culture and heritage.
To sum up, I would say that there is nothing that is not worth watching in Kalagram and if you are in or around Tricity, you must visit this place.

Location & Address

Panchkula Rd, Railway Colony, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101 Call:0172 273 5462 Monday To Sunday (8:00 am – 8:00 pm) View Location on Google Map


– Spacious Ground for Events
– Open Air Theatre
– Restaurant

* Please get in touch with Kalagram's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

3. Bal Bhawan

Bal Bhawan
  • Chandigarh

Giving a platform to children to enhance their skills and interact with experts is the best way to secure the country’s bright future. Bal Bhawan Chandigarh is an institution that aims at enhancing and boosting children’s confidence by giving them a platform to showcase their skills. It focuses on developing their skills and helps them overcome their inhibitions based on their aptitude and ability.

About Bal Bhawan Sec 23 Chandigarh

Bal Bhawan is a resource centre for the overall development of children between the age group of 5 to 16 years. It has been managed and looked after by the Indian Council for Child welfare. The centre has been a host of many school events and competitions over the years and has always successfully delivered what is expected out of it.

Highlights of Bal Bhawan

Apart from holding various school and state-level competitions, the Bhawan has several other highlights as well. Some of these are:

  • Working women hostel: The Bal Bhawan has a working women hostel that can accommodate 136 inmates with all the facilities. Currently, the hostel is under renovation, and working women of the city may have to wait a little longer to avail the facility.
  • Hobby Classes: The centre is a hub for various extracurricular activities like dancing, arts, music, stitching and many more. It has also started giving formal computer classes to the children.
  • Auditorium: The centre has three auditoriums to hold various cultural events and fests.
    • AC auditorium: The AC auditorium in the centre has a seating capacity of 350 people with the amazing sound system.
    • Small auditorium: The centre also has a small auditorium accommodating 100 people at a time.
    • Open Air Theatre: The centre also has a provision of open-air theatre with the capacity of more than 1000 persons.

However, any of this Bal Bhawan auditorium Chandigarh are not available due to on-going renovation.

  • Creche: The Bal Bhawan also has the provision of the creche for 40 children at a time. With nominal fees, this facility is a relief for many working parents.

Location & Address

1227, Jan Marg, Sector 23B, Chandigarh, 160023 Call:0172- 2721858, 2704573 View Location on Google Map


– AC Auditorium (1000 person Capacity)
– Ample Parking Space

* Please get in touch with Bal Bhawan's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

4. Indradhanush Auditorium

Indradhanush Auditorium


  • Panchkula

Tricity is blessed with the number of theatres and auditoriums for people to hold various events, exhibitions, and competitions. Indradhanush Auditorium in Panchkula is one such place where various social events took place. For people residing in Panchkula and nearby areas, this is the best option when it comes to hosting school functions, bank events, or events by government and non-government bodies.

About Indradhanush Auditorium

The auditorium started its operations in 2005 and is known to be one of the biggest in Tricity. Built-in 20,000 sq. meters area, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 1275 with one separate conference hall that can accommodate 110 people at a time. Apart from these two spaces, there is one multipurpose hall, terrace cafeteria, and a parking space for almost 250 cars.

Some interesting facts about Indradhanush Auditorium

  • The management of Indradhanush auditorium was handed over to a Delhi-based private company in 2007. However, it turned out to be a wrong decision as the HUDA department found several violations in its infrastructure over the years.
  • The Haryana Urban development authority then handed over the responsibility to the local authorities. However, currently, the auditorium is under renovation.
  • Indradhanush Auditorium bookings used to be at their peak from September to January but, this time it lost many of its clients.
  • The renovation was supposed to be over by December 2019. However, it got extended and now is expected to get over by April.
  • People looking forward to booking the auditorium for upcoming events can only book the same after April’21.

It is recommended to connect with management via Indradhanush auditorium Panchkula contact number to enquire about the booking slots.

It is said that after the renovation the Indradhanush Auditorium will be no less than the Tagore theatre of Panchkula.

Location & Address

Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134108 Call: 098730 73627 View Location on Google Map


– AC Auditorium (350 person Capacity)
– Small Auditorium (100 person Capacity)
– Open Air Theatre (1000 person Capacity)

* Please get in touch with Indradhanush Auditorium's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

5. Punjab Kala Bhawan

Punjab Kala Bhawan

Event Venue in Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the major attraction for tourists in the Northern region. However, out of all the tourist places, Punjab Kala Bhawan holds a special place specially for the admirers of arts. It is one of the pioneer places in Chandigarh promoting all forms of arts and encouraging people to showcase their skills in the form of exhibitions.

About Punjab Kala Bhawan Chandigarh

Designed by the famous architect Dr SS Bhatti, people also call it “Mural of Arts Unity”. It is managed and governed by the Government of Punjab which has further set up the Punjab Arts Council. The only motive of this academy is to preserve and promote the art and culture of the state. It helps various budding artists by giving them a platform to exhibit their fine work of art and overcome all sorts of inhibitions. Situated in Sector 16, this place has a lot to offer to both exhibitors and to the visitors. The work of art they display in their gallery is a treat to the eyes of everyone visiting this place.

Punjab Kala Bhawan events

Punjab Kala Bhawan Sector 16, holds various events to give chance to artists to present their work under, “Visual Arts”, “Literary Arts”, and “Performing Arts”.

Under these three form of arts, various subcategories are as follows:

  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Akharkari and
  • Statue-Art

Prominent features of Punjab Kala Bhawan Chandigarh

  • Open-Air Theatre: One of the major attractions of this place is the open-air theatre extended out of the building towards Rose Garden. It has made it one of the most happening places of the Tricity. The architect has very intelligently designed open-air theatre, as the stage acts as an extension to the foyer and is easily accessible.
  • Indoor auditorium: It also has an indoor auditorium named after its architect Dr SS Bhatti. It can accommodate 300 people at a time with a comfortable seating arrangement. The sound and lighting effect makes the entire ambience amazing.

Location & Address

Punjab Arts Council Punjab Kala Bhawan Rose Garden, Sector 16B, Chandigarh, 160015 Call:0172 277 1472 View Location on Google Map


– AC Auditorium (300 person Capacity)
– Ample Space for Art Workshops
– Library
– Space for Art Exibition

* Please get in touch with Punjab Kala Bhawan's Chandigarh team to know the exact prices before your visit.

Powerhouses of skills and arts in the Chandigarh Theatres

There are several art theatres, open theatres, and amphitheatres in The City Beautiful. Many aspiring artists and actors from the neighbouring cities and regions come to Chandigarh to sharpen and enhance their theatre and acting skills. There are a plethora of opportunities in Chandigarh for young and budding theatre artists.

Theatres are a great way of giving a start to your acting career. Theatres in Chandigarh can contribute a lot to your career. Every theatre has something different from the other ones in the city. The Tagore theatre has a very beautiful crafted interior. Bal Bhawan in Chandigarh has an open theatre as well as an auditorium.

Theatre Groups and artists in Chandigarh

Theatre groups in Chandigarh are known and praised for their art performances. They present their art excellently and leave everybody stunned. Therefore, there is no place for disappointment when you visit these theatres. These theatre groups majorly target the issues prevalent in society. One of them is the Alankar Theatre Group that was initially based in Chandigarh. Now, apart from Chandigarh, it also performs in some of the major cities of the country.

Some of the most passionate and hard-working theatre artists that have converted their dreams into reality began their journey from the Tagore theatre and the Punjab Kala Bhawan of Chandigarh. Some of them are working as actors while some of them chose the path of direction.