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Quan is a Chinese word. It means a source of pure water and represents the beneficial properties and benefits of water, such as healing and rejuvenation. Similarly, the Quan Spa in JW Marriot, Chandigarh, is a place that provides wholeness and time-honoured healing practice of the culture it belongs to. The name of the spa aptly represents what it does. The Quan Spa Chandigarh has nicely built six therapy rooms where it provides its high-quality services and unique treatments using the best of the essential oils and therapy oils.

Services and Treatments in Quan Spa, Chandigarh
  • Reviving Salt Exfoliation
  • Deep Renewal Massage
  • Apple and Apricot Nourishment
  • Earth & Ocean Hot Stone Massage
  • Purity Ritual
  • Refining Ubtan
  • Coffee Body Polish

Exclusion of stress and tension from the body is crucial for the body. It helps in maintaining it and also for the overall well being of an individual. Balance of the body and mind is what the spa offers. The treatments here will release all your stress from the body by throwing away the negativity, thus providing complete relaxation.

The luxury Quan Spa in JW Marriot provides services by highly trained and experienced staff. They are experts in the field of therapy, aesthetics, a full range of body therapies and skincare. To avail the amazing services of the luxury spa, you would have to make an appointment.

You can contact them on +91 172 455 5577 for an appointment and get ready to take in all the positive energy with a comprehensive menu of healing spa therapies, treatments and marvellous beauty services.