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You do not need to go to Thailand when you have the Aura Thai Spa in Chandigarh. We all want to visit a spa for a back rub or to relax our body muscles. The Aura Thai Spa is one of the most admired spas that has made its place in various places in India, including Chandigarh. This spa is known to be one of the most acclaimed Thai spas for back rubs in the entire Tricity.

Thai Aura Spa has exquisite interiors that lighten up your senses and immediately calm you down. Prepare yourself to go for a mystical and purely spiritual journey with the magical services of the Aura Thai body spa in Chandigarh.

Popular services offered here: –
  • Full Body Aroma Therapy Massage
  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Back & Shoulder Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

The Aura Thai Spa Chandigarh reviews say great things about it. The ambience, cosiness and environment are to complete satisfaction. Customers have returned from the spa with a fantastic experience. Do not hesitate to book a quality massage experience.